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hollywood tiffany moment.

northern virginia tiffany moment.

he loved pokemon and yep fantasy.

he liked me.

i found my first love tutor and a fake hello kitty clutch

while perusing the aol personal ads in 2001.

i adored his thick legs with brown downy hair

and my pretty pink purse.

after teaching his nephews the first

verse of fifteen christmas carols, we

put them to bed and exchanged gifts.

i gave him a blown glass dragon

with tiny ruby eyes and silver flecked wings.

his eyes lit up as

he pressed the dragon’s etched

cool lines.

then, he gave me the signature baby blue box.

i trembled at the expense and thoughtfulness.

inside the box, was a thin, gold, heart shaped perfume container.

i looked to him expecting the next gift of perfume.

he smiled expectantly at me, hand empty.

“thank you. i don’t wear perfume?”

“maybe you should.”

some gift horses are unicorns.

some gift horses should be

punched in the throat.