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Grease. There Are Worse Things I Could Do

Chorus Line, What I Did For Love

Les Miserables, I Dreamed A Dream

A few weeks ago, I approached Charlottesville, Virginia’s Filmmaker’s Republic about addressing America’s addiction with pornography. I suggested we make self-reflective, challenging, erotic visual projects.

People laughed. A few suggested some films that had previously attempted or succeeded at this vision to aid me in my research.

One gentleman has volunteered to act in order to promote the sexiness of wheel chair sex.

However, no one volunteered to crew or write.

Cville Naked Lady: The Movie


I started a youtube channel called CvilleNakedLady and will post me singing a few love songs that encapsulate my views on creative love, some opinions about creative love and media, my The Naked Truth series, research on my Cunt and Vagina Happy Fact roles in The Vagina Monologues, background about the Cville Naked Lady phenomena, and some raw footage of a documentary in process about me by University of Virginia film fourth year Tom Christenson.

Some of it will be naked or topless.

If you would like to contact Tom Christenson about your viewpoints on my “Cville Naked Lady” persona or just me, please email him at CvilleNakedLadyTheMovie@aol.com.

If you are media savvy, it would be amazing if you share my channel’s programming with your fans and perhaps leave a video reaction. Some of the video feedback will be used in the documentary, so if you wish to be in it…do not include copyright materials either audio or visual.

And, I am having an apple themed picnic in Lee Park to gather everyone who wants to be interviewed or just have  a nice time on March 24 at noon. Please RSVP on this facebook invite, if you plan to attend.

Also, I used to use True Media and Limewire to make my video montages. Now, True Media charges, and Limewire is kaput.

So, if one of you would be kind enough to use the images below in the order they appear in the gallery, and please:

1. Make a title page with the text “Sexy is as Sexy Does.”

2. After the last sheet image, include another text slide with the text “Sheets are very romantic. What happens when you’re not in bed?”

3. Add a text slide between the figure study and the Occupy protest reading “Cville Naked Lady Rises.”

4. Add text to the final image slide “vloves.wordpress.com”

5. Add a finale text slide with “CvilleNakedLadyTheMovie@aol.com”

6. Add an interesting version of Marilyn Monroe’s “I Want to be Loved By You” as the audio track.

I need it ASAP and really appreciate your readership and help!