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A married man whose wife does not know he has other partners and knows that I have  a creative sex blog asked me if I would post a picture of him with the words cheater all over it.

I told him that I had been there a done that…sort of. I made a montage of men who had answered my craigslist ads and set it to “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.” Funny, a guy who is big into social networking in Charlottesville mentioned to me he had seen it at a Tweet Up a long time ago. He used it in a class to show how internet privacy can become public humiliation.

Honestly, I wasn’t trying to humiliate anyone, because me posting it showed that I was on craigslist trying to find love too. I was actually playing around with how some people look so stern and alone, and then it progresses to men who are smiling with puppies. It was more a piece about perception of people who participate in online love than a joke. People did not get it I guess. I was a bit too subtle back then.

So, I told him if he sent me an unsolicited penis picture, I might be tempted to include it in some online gallery. And, if he sent me a face pic, and he was a celebrity that no one would believe I was doing, I would probably include it then.

He neither sent me a penis pic or was a celebrity, so I shall digress.

Men enjoy sending unsolicited penis pictures to people who post. I know some of you may be thinking it appropriate considering how forward my style is. However, I have had multiple men send me penis pictures when I’ve posted to strictly platonic personal ad sections.

Also, what is fascinating…is my Charlottesville craigslist posts talking about but not visually depicting fetish, pussy, exhibitionism are always deleted within a few hours while posts asking for a train of throat cum loads or having minimal text and penis pictures stay up for a month.

Maybe, I will include one of these pictures on my future ad to insure it against the sexist, Puritanical, bass ackwards censorship overwhelming my area. Tell me which one I should use. :)

Onward, to the introspection. Why is it that someone so out there has never solicited penis pictures? I watch porn that has to at least have two or three. When having sex, I am fascinated with looking at it to the point I must kiss it. So, why no picture requests?

I guess I just don’t appreciate the aesthetic when there’s no utility or tactility in the works.

I don’t dig the Leaning Tower of Pisa, skyscrapers, or Pez dispensers.

I dig waves, cliffs, ampitheatres, bricks, and basements.

Perhaps, constructing this gallery and studying it will open me up?


My new lover tortures his penis publicly for me. And, I solicit proof of his torment. It’s the first time I have ever solicited private snaps. It does not make me wet, but the public displays create a context that makes me smile and my heart beat quicken.

Maybe, that is the key….the penis picture, solicited or not, needs to have a context to make me hot.

So, here are a few suggestions to my exhibitionist male readers:

Body Painting

1.Combining paint and porn is interesting. Anyone else remember the fascination of watching the chick and two guys painted and dressed like Smurfs, fucking, and speaking Spanish?

2.Add some text to go with your penis pictures….recommendations of your penis from past lovers, dirty limericks, odes to your girth, a silly joke, a warning label, something…..

3.Don’t send pictures of penises you think the receiver might enjoy but are not your own.

4.Dress up your penis as less intimidating characters and put on an answer to The Vagina Monologues. You may call it “Penis Pieces.”

5.Don’t use pictures with you and a partner who can be identified without his/her express permission.


This collection spans August 2011 to present.

Peni, peni everywhere, and not a drop to drink.